Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Private property is not evil

I believe that moral codes are immoral.

They are not only unnecessary but they exist for the purpose of deceiving ourselves into believing that an action we wish to take or have already taken is moral when we know that it is not.

True morality is innate and requires no written code.

We act morally when we act in harmony with our conscience.

We act in harmony with our conscience when our empathy is stronger than our fear because empathy enables us to feel what others feel as if we were them. We do unto others as we would have done unto us.

When our fear is stronger than our empathy we act immorally, because when we are consumed by fear we cannot feel what others feel and we are capable of harming them without remorse.

It is that simple.

Our conscience punishes us for doing so, and we feel the need to morally justify ourselves in a vain attempt to anesthetize our own conscience.

Such is the case with the belief that private property is evil.

We all know that there is nothing inherently evil about owning private property.

The act of owning it does not, by itself, cause harm to any person.

People might harm themselves by judging themselves harshly because they have less of it than others, but this hurt is an imaginary hurt that occurs solely in the mind of the individual.

Fear causes good people to do evil things.

What is really behind this belief that private property is evil is fear.

Fear that they are somehow inadequate because they have less of it than another.

Fear that it can and potentially will be used to cause harm to others.

Fear that those who have more of it somehow have more power than those who do not, leading the later to feel a self-inflicted sense of powerlessness.

Those who profess a belief that private property is evil hold that belief in their moral code because they intend to take what does not belong to them, or to support others who intend to do so or to morally justify the fact that they have already done so.

Were they to allow themselves to feel empathy for their victims they would realize that theft is immoral.

But their fear is stronger than their empathy, so they act immorally.

Moral codes are immoral.

They are invariably driven by fear but seek to camouflage themselves in fake empathy.

Wealth redistribution does not have anything to do with a genuine concern for the welfare of the poor.

This is a lie that the socialists tell themselves to morally justify what they know in their heart to be immoral.


Noor said...

Bullshit. I'm not anti-propertarian out of fear, anymore than anarchists are anti-State out of fear of the State's power.

Francois Tremblay said...

"Were they to allow themselves to feel empathy for their victims they would realize that theft is immoral."

Oooh. You mean like how the capitalists have failed to realize for centuries that their forced enclosures of the commons is immoral, and has been the main impetus for the creation of a permanent poverty class which was drawn upon to support the Industrial Revolution?

Like that?