Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another message from the Laughing Man ...

Re-posted at the request of the Laughing Man.
Please do the same if you are so inclined.

This is the Laughing Man speaking. I did not choose this moniker, but given the direction of human events, I find it wholly appropriate. Our society is an absurd monument to the irrational, and those of us sane enough to see it are laughing like madmen. I do not laugh because nothing remains great; I laugh because something greater is on the horizon. I laugh at the destruction of the unjust, and we are on the brink of a powerful Reawakening.

Old miners brought a canary into the mineshaft as an alarm for dangerous fumes. If the canary died, then the miners had only minutes to escape. This is why I chose the Dead Canary as the symbol of this cause; we can either abandon our present course of action or commit ourselves to destruction.

The people of this nation have become aware of their enslavement, but this is not what frightens the slave-drivers. That you might *choose* to remove your shackles terrifies them in a primal way and shakes them to the very center of their pathology. There is no lock, there is no key, and these men of unjust force have no power over you except that which your fear has allowed. Conflict has always been inevitable, and it will escalate if they do not step aside.

The battle for your mind, your productivity, and your very freedom is being waged here and now. The champions of freedom will ultimately prevail, but not because we have bigger guns. We will win because reality weighs in favor of the rational. Are they willing to walk over all of our corpses in the pursuit of their own suicidal demise? Bet your life on it. But what happens to the parasite when it has no host?

I cannot tell you how to most effectively fight this battle, because you know better than I do where your skills reside. But I can tell you that we have very little time. If I have any advice to offer, it is to arm yourself with the intellectual ammunition of the philosophers of freedom: Locke, Bastiat, Mises, Rand, etc. Freedom is your birthright, but you cannot defend it without the proper foundation of ideas. Your mind is the one weapon that cannot be taken from you; keep it sharp.

I will address those who have taken the tragically cynical view that their fellow men are too low-brow or too lazy to desire freedom and act upon that desire. The fact that this message has propagated voluntarily and so quickly is proof positive that you are mistaken about your fellow men. We possess a recognition of freedom and a strength of will that our enemies will never overcome. Hope is not lost.

Awaken and act. We will meet again on the battlefield for our freedom.


Savanna Kougar said...

Alex, thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Are you the Laughing Man?